2019 Chevrolet Colorado One-Year Owner Review

2019 Chevrolet Colorado One-Year Owner Review

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It’s hard to believe we’ve had our Colorado ZR2 for a year! If you’ve seen our other videos, you know that we love what the truck offers in terms of practicality and performance. Comfort is okay. Reliability has been poor. Overall, the chevy has been a mixed bag long term , but we would probably still recommend it over other trucks in the segment.

Here is a list of the issues we’ve had during the first year of ownership. It has been a struggle getting all of this resolved to be sure.

* loose vacuum hoses (dealer fixed)
* navigation card (two new SD cards, head unit, USB reader, wiring harness, software update)
* transfer case squeal (replaced seal and lubed)
* b-pillar rattle (I fixed it, TSB also)
* climate control errors (new head unit)
* battery bracket squeak (I tracked it down and fixed it)
* the rear window slider just fell apart in my hands (entire rear window replaced).
* leaf springs squeak and cause the truck to sway (two TSBs applied)
* seat jam in the b-pillar (I fixed it)
* fuel door jammed (I fixed it)
* headlamp fogging up (intermittent, unresolved)

Would you believe our cousin’s only complaint about his ZR2 is that the air conditioning is too cold? Ugh. Anyway, this truck can be great if you are lucky and/or very patient.

Thanks for watching our owner review! Please let us know what’s on your mind in the comments.

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