How are this blog and channel different than all the rest?  Unlike vloggers showing off their newest supercars or journalist buddies debating the merits of similarly priced luxury sedans, we create content on the stories of automobiles.

Any novice sales associate will tell you that every car, truck, and SUV tells a story.  “Which car do you see yourself in?” they ask, “which car is you?”  But we argue the story shouldn’t be about the owner.  It’s really about the drive.  We don’t review vehicles in the traditional sense.  We don’t fret about specs, go mondo with mods, or study trends of trim levels.  We love automobiles, but we’re not in love with them for their own sake.  Marvels of modern engineering they are, but the mechanical aspects of cars can’t capture the true experience of blazing a new wilderness trail, winding through a twisty road with the top down, or just blasting tunes while cruising with your friends.

We don’t get too emotional about cars, but we do get emotional about driving.

We discuss the way cars make you feel when driving them–not how they make you look.  What are the best cars to drive?  The ones that best help you write your own story about driving.  Value, practicality, and livability are important, but so is the joy of being behind the wheel.  That’s what drives us to distraction.

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